Here are our compositions for the next term. You’ll be given a photocopy for the first one. Remember to use the models in your textbook and stick to the number of words required.

FEBRUARY 2012. Transactional letter– use the notes on your photocopy.

MARCH 2012Story: Your English teacher has asked you to write a story for the college magazine. It must BEGIN with the following words,

“When Stella walked into the house, she was astonished to see a suitcase in the hall…..”

APRIL 2012. Review: You recently saw this notice in an international travel magazine.

“We would like our readers to send in reviews of good or bad hotels.Write about a hotel anywhere in the world, describing why you did or did not enjoy staying there.”

MAY 2012. Essay: Either A) ” Famous sports people earn far too much money nowadays”

Or     B) “There should be a complete ban on the advertising of dangerous products                                         like cigarettes and alcohol”

Discuss arguments for and against these statements, concluding with your own opinion.

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