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One minute later, we hard a noise and we went to the guests’ room, and we hid under the beds All of them were full of cobwebs, it really was disgusting! Then, when the noise stopped, we tried to go out of the house, but something surprised us. We heard a voice that came from an old woman. We were paralyzed. The voice was the most terrifying voice we’d ever heard!   Alex

We went to this house with my best friend for trick-or-treating. Then I heard a noise and walked up the wooden steps and we went inside. I hid under the bed and I saw someone running down the hall…….(to be continued)   Laia and Judith

While we were eating some chocolate bars, we heard a noise and ran dwn the stairs. I saw someone or something outside the window and I screamed. I started to run down the hall. We heard footsteps…..  Noelia and Jonathan

Ten minutes later, the door began to open and they saw a person wth a gun. They ran out of the house, but whil they were running, Lisa fell in the road and a car stopped. A gadget detective called their parents and they appeared ten minutes later.   Xavi and Joan

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