Men and women

These are interesting extracts from some of the CAE essays on the theme of “Men and women”:

“We choose our partners by ourselves. We have more options, more chances and more freedom, but have we got more success?” RG

“But there is still too much work to do to achieve the equality between women and men” GG

“Over the last thirty years many aspects of life have changed but one of the most important changes is marriage…Now almost everybody thinks it is better to live at home more time or move in with their partner before getting married” PL

“I strongly believe that womn are as capable as men in all areas. We can!” SR

“Nowadays you can dump your boyfriend or husband whenever you want.” AM

“As a consequence of the fact that many women started working in the decade of the sixties, men were progressively forced to do some domestic routines traditonally assigned to women: care of children, cooking…..” JH

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